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Surrender hard 16 (but not 88 pair) vs dealer 9, 10 or Ace. Surrender hard 15 vs dealer 10. SPLIT. Always split Aces and 8s. Never split 10s and 5s. Blackjack Surrender has a higher house edge of 0.38%. Choosing the lower house edge variant will help you to have better odds of winning. Blackjack Surrender | Game Play, Rules & How to Use …

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There happens to be a 16 versus 10 exception in blackjack. If you've drawn at least once, so your 16 comprises three or more cards, stand rather than hit. I won't mire you with the math since we're already mincing meat worth under a statistical cent on a real dollar. But here's an intuitive explanation. Imagine a two-card non-pair hard 16.

Blackjack Rules - Learn How to Play 21 - [Tips & Best Blackjack Surrender Rules. 16 against a dealer 10 – on average you’ll win only 23 times out of 100, so basically 23% of the time. But when you have a pair of 8s, you have a chance to increase your odds: you can split your 8’s and play each 8 against the 10. Why do this? Because when you play an 8 against a 10, you’ll win this hand ... Blackjack with surrender option - Las Vegas Message Board 2005-9-21 · Last time I was in Vegas I played Blackjack with the option to surrender if you hand was bad and you could take chips back. The problem is I can't remember where this was and I'm going back in December and want to play again as I found it easier to win. Surrender is a savvy move in the right situation, i.e. a hard 15 or 16 vs. a 10 up for ...

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Blackjack - Basic Strategy Based on basic strategy found in Blackwood's 'Play Blackjack Like the Pros'. Does not take into account shoe size, and factors in the most commonly house rules. Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy Surrender. Surrender hard 16 (but not a pair of 8s) vs. dealer 9, 10, or A. Surrender hard 15 vs. dealer 10. Split. Always split aces and 8s. Never split 5s and 10s. Split 2s and 3s against a dealer 4-7 Split 4s the dealer shows a 5 or 6. Split 6s against a dealer 2-6. Split 7s against a dealer 2-7. Split 9s against a dealer 2-6 or 8-9. Double Down Complicated craps and blackjack surrender All the other situations show higher losses than 50 cents per dollar wagered if you hit. For all those, the better play is to surrender if permitted — surrender hard 16 (except 8-8) vs. 9, 10 or ace, and surrender hard 15 vs. 10 or ace, except hit 8-7 vs. 10. Blackjack Basic Strategy Charts - Blackjack Review Network Blackjack Basic Strategy Charts. ... Surrender hard 16 (but not 88 pair) vs dealer 9, 10 or Ace. Surrender hard 15 vs dealer 10. SPLIT.

I can't find a consensus best play for 16 v. 10 and am looking for input. Basic strategy (the MIT chart), shows surrender if allowed. The Illustrious 18 indicates that you should stand if the true count is positive at all.

Blackjack Surrender by Playtech | Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender Review. One of the things that Playtech is known for is having a number of different blackjack games, and Blackjack Surrender has a special place on their list. This is because you can get a pretty high payout rate of more than 99.6% with correct play, and the best basic strategies aren’t that difficult to learn. Surrender Vs Insurance Blackjack In the long run you will lose money. Surrender in the right situation is a good be, 15 or 16 vs 10.Blackjack Surrender vs Blackjack – …Surrender Vs Insurance Blackjack. surrender vs insurance blackjack Sep 13, 2016 Surrendering 8,8 vs 10 should be TC Commonly Misplayed Hands | BlackJack Age

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